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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Lonely Bones

(Snapped on 2/19/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

I've grown accustomed to local folks (who've known me for years) either avoiding me, ignoring me, or shooting me dirty looks, when they see me out in public anymore (presumably because they disapprove of the fact that I post naked pictures of myself on the internet...pfft). But every once in awhile, someone who's not (yet) privy to my indiscretions, will offer a casual, "So how ya' doin'? Whatcha been up to? What's new?" 

Rather than answer with the expected, "I'm fine. Nothing much. How 'bout you?" I take the liberty of explaining at length - every aspect of my love affair with dash and analog photography. Eventually, their eyes may begin to glaze over, or they'll get noticeably uncomfortable and start to fidget - but I try my best to hold them captive until I've reached the conclusion of my long dissertation. (Those poor souls...how were they to know that a halfhearted "how do you do?" - would lead to an hour long discourse on my most favorite hobby...)

(Snapped on 2/19/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

But it's my closest friends who most often bear the brunt of enduring the bulk of my monotonous musings, and understandably - they've become a bit weary. While blabbing on about my latest pics. to one friend recently, I mentioned my morbid fascination with photographing the bones of dead animals. Naturally, I assumed that he was totally tuning me out, but I figured he'd be in no way touchy about the subject, in the event that he happened to be listening. He's a cattle farmer after all, and I'd imagine that the whole "circle of life" theme, is as commonplace on his farm, as any

(Snapped on 2/19/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

Turned out though, that my farmer friend was actually listening, because as soon as I said the bit about the bones - he perked up - and then told me that he knew where I could find some. 

(Snapped on 2/19/11 - using an iPhone and two Instagram filters)

I made arrangements with the property owner, to come out and photograph his heralded "bone yard" - the following Saturday, and was all set to spend hours taking square snaps with my trusty toy cameras...but. Saturday arrived...and with her she brought: sunny skies, warm temps., and gusting winds -  conditions perfectly suited for a last-minute, late-winter self-portrait shoot. Looked like I might havta rethink the day's agenda. 

(Snapped on 2/19/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

Although I did take a few pics. of those lovely, lonely bones (as well as plenty of other stuff around the farm) my self-portraits took precedence over all else, that day. I started out posing in the woods among the scattered bones, but after tearing a chunk of meat outta my foot when I stepped hard on a particularly sharp fragment - suddenly it wasn't as much fun, anymore. Then the wind picked up, and began snapping entire treetops off of enormous, ancient oaks - sending them crashing to the ground all around me. I decided it was time to wrap the bone yard shoot entirely, and I went out into an open field where I knew I'd be safe...and that's how the fourth photo in this post came about.

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