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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Legacy Lives On

(First 14 pics. snapped on 3/16/1// - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

My obsession with using my iPhone and Holga to capture images of life's overlooked, everyday treasures - peaked late, last winter...right about the time that I snapped the first group of pics. in this post.

On any given day (or night) back then, I would go to a place where I'd sometimes spend hours, wandering around - my cameras cocked and ready to shoot things that previously, would've never caught my eye.

My analog heyday was regrettably brief, and over the many months that have passed since my excessive enthusiasm knuckled under to more pressing responsibilities - my iPhone and Holga have collected more dust, than photos that I'm even remotely inclined to share...

Although I do still manage to attend to my first and truest artistic love, the amount of time that I'm able to devote to self-portraiture has also been sorely abbreviated because of pesky time constraints.

Last week however, I treated myself to two separate photo shoots, on consecutive days. The second came about after I remembered the abandoned warehouses where I took the bulk of the pics. seen here, waaaaay back in March of this year...

...and lookin' through these old snaps was enough to motivate me to get my butt back over there to take some self-pics..

(Last 6 pics. snapped on 9/06/11 - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

...as well as a few extra pics. with my phone.

Despite the unfortunate interruption in my devotion to analog and Instagram photography, it always makes me happy when I dig through the archives from those good, ole days - especially when it inspires me to go out and take more pics....

(...some of which can be seen here - on The Big Ugly)