A Daily(ish) Photography Blog Devoted to Long, Tall, Square, and 35mm film Pics.


So happy that you found me here! 

My name is Lauralyn, I live in Winchester, Va., and I became obsessed with snappin' pics. - at the ripe old age of 41. I don't profess to know much about anything really (and photography is certainly no exception) but what I do know, is that I am hopelessly addicted to taking pictures of all sorts of stuff, and although admittedly still a novice - I am determined to be as prolific as possible, and committed to continue learning as I go. 

In March of 2010 - I discovered dash photography (quite by accident) and with the help of my inexpensive Sony Cybershot - I quickly became a fanatical devotee of this multi-faceted form of self-expression. (Should you care to learn more about my 10 second timer self-portraits, as well as the stories that go along with 'em - please visit my other photography blog: The Big Ugly)

After unwittingly setting my Cybershot to "panorama" mode one day, I added - snapping pics. of "long" and "tall" things - to my limited repertoire. Not long after that, when a reader remarked that several of my self-portraits reminded him of "old school Holgas" - I googled "Holga" (expecting to find results for a Scandinavian, female photographer - Ha!) but was instead introduced to lo-fi photography. I was instantly enthralled by the concept and got my feet wet by experimenting with the Holga 135 that I gave myself for Christmas this year. Disappointed to discover that the photos it produced were not the square, vignetted images that I'd seen on the internet (see? I really am that clueless) I did a little more investigating and decided that what I needed was a Holga 120 (which I promptly ordered along with a boatload of 120 film - YIP!). Next, I added a comely, turquoise and black Diana F+ to my arsenal...and most recently - I took advantage of a special deal my cell phone provider was offering - and purchased an iPhone for a scant $49. My primary purpose for this nifty device - was to use as a handy pocket cam and to then fool around with the cool filters available on the free photography app - Instagram.

I like to think of my "Little Pretties" blog as the cuter, more polite, younger sister of "The Big Ugly" blog - the two are related, no doubt - but their personalities are nothing alike. In a way, they're sort of opposites...you know? Like the yin to each other's yang. My goal for this blog - is to shoot and share photos of anything at all - except for myself, which shouldn't be terribly difficult since I'm drawn to a myriad of subjects i.e.: livestock, abandoned buildings, junk cars, cemeteries, clouds, bones, trees, street signs, gates, bridges, barns, smashed mailboxes, dead things, churches...pretty standard fare, all in all.

I really do hope that you'll check back often, and if you happen to like what you see - please consider bookmarking "Little Pretties", as well as sharing the link with your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook, simply by clicking the "Share This" icon found on the right sidebar of the Home Page.

Thanks so very much...and happy snappin'!