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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Apple (Orchard) of My Eye

Recently, I had the good fortune of being allowed to shoot self-portraits at a friend's ancient apple orchard. (I posted this entry all about 'em, on The Big Ugly today) And as much as I enjoyed staging my 10 second timer pics., I havta say - I had just as much fun takin' snaps of all the cool stuff I came across, while pokin' around my friend's fabulous farm...

All photos snapped on 3/05/11 - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

 I just feel like the luckiest gal in the world...because although I don't have many friends - the ones that I do have are undeniably the BEST

A BIG hug and a peck to my friend with the apple orchard...and everyone else who nurtures, supports and accepts me...*muah*


  1. I'm going to reveal my ignorance of photography here: do you touch these photos up at all? Color saturation, anything like that? I can't get over how lovely they are. I love the fact that they're small, too. I can see them in a series of frames on a wall, making a set. They make me think of the poetry of William Carlos Williams in their simplicity and their elegance.

  2. I took these pictures with my iPhone, and then uploaded them to an app I have on my phone called Instagram. Each photo was then enhanced with one of the Instagram filters. Basically, I take a so-so photo - and presto change-o - it suddenly becomes way more excellent! Kinda makes me wonder though, if it's cheating (or something) you know?

  3. I don't think so at all. You still chose the subject and arranged the composition. You choose what filter to use. It's all you.