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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Land of the Dinos

(All square pics. snapped on 3/23/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

My 9 year old daughter and I spent this afternoon together, at the local tourist attraction and neighborhood fixture...Dinosaur Land - hollah!

(All panoramas snapped on 3/23/11 - using a Sony Cybershot)

Dinosaur Land is a trip. I mean for starters, it's complete and utter kitch heaven - with its enormous display of life-size dinosaurs inhabiting the expansive backyard, and the gift shop just brimming with its world-famous (*cough*) t-shirts, retro toys, and all sorts of other knicky knacky, well...junk.

A visit to Dinosaur Land truly does feel like a step back into some far away time (I'm talkin' like the 1950's though...not the Jurassic Period so much)

My young daughter and I (both armed with our cameras) began our journey on Mammoth Ave....

...curiously however, one of the main attractions on Mammoth Ave. - is a 20' tall King Kong replica....hmmmm...I mean he's definitely mammoth, but at the same time - he isn't of that particular species.

Along the way there were plenty of frights...

...and brutal fights frozen in time.

We came across things that almost actually sorta seemed real...

(aaaaaand others that really just didn't)

After a couple of hours, and several passes around the park - it was time for my little girl and me to reenter the real world. But we shall return to Dinosaur Land...because rumor has it that our beloved local landmark, may soon be razed to make way for a convenience store and gas station.

So get on over to Dinosaur Land (Rts. 522 S. & 340 at Double Tollgate in Virginia) Check out the badass dinosaurs and buy a t-shirt...before Dinosaur Land itself, becomes extinct... 


  1. Really, they be shut down! I've been going to Dinosaur Land since I was a kid! My family camps nearby. We took my kids (4 & 2) for the first time last summer. They loved it! My 2 year old son loves his dinosaurs! We will definitely visit very soon. They need to go at least one more time before it shuts down. I have so many memories there. And it always seems so busy. I will be sad to see it go....

    BTW, I "like" Dinosaur Land on facebook, and they posted that you blogged about them. That's how I found your post!

  2. Holy COW! That's so AWEsome that Dinosaur Land linked my blog on their FB page! I'm so glad that you TOLD me...THANK You! Unfortunately I'm no longer on Facebook, so I'm completely outta the loop...

    Ok but wait..are you saying that you KNOW they're closing down soon? I've actually only heard people whispering about it...Sounds like we need to go back for another visit - post haste! I wonder if they'll auction off the dinosaurs...I would love to have one standing in my yard :)

    Hey so - thanks for stopping by Little Pretties, Amanda...AND for leaving me a message!

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