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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Bottom of the Barrel

I sent six rolls of 120 film off for processing, today - so unfortunately, this grab bag of black and white Holga pics. is all that I have to offer until I my new prints arrive with the mail. Well, besides Instagrams., of course (I've absolutely got those in spades!) But let's face it - they can get a bit tiresome, after awhile...

(Snapped on 2/10/11 - using a Holga 120)

I personally, don't take very many landscape pictures - I mean I like them, and all - they've just never really been my big push...and that could be because - landscapes clearly are not my specialty.

(Snapped on 2/13/11 - using a Holga 120)

Something about this ancient beech tree, has always reminded me of an elephant...or maybe a rhino? I dunno...it reminds me of some sort of pachyderm, how's that.

(Snapped on 2/19/11 - using a Holga 120)

Don't even get me started on old cars. Good lord how I covet them so. But I'll wait until I have a healthy surplus of time, to devote an entire entry (or several) to the boatload of old car pics. that I'm perennially stockpiling.

(Snapped on 2/20/11 - using a Holga 120)

For the most part, stumbling upon this vast trash heap in the middle of the woods - put a pretty big pit in my tummy. But. Seeing a tree growing up through the middle of that one tire? Did at least put a smile on my face.

(Snapped on 2/26/11 - using a Holga 120)

There was, however - literally nothing about this place, that made me feel even remotely cheerful. The more I snooped around the yard and the out buildings - the less I could make any sense of why the previous owners seemed to have up and left without bringing their child(ren)'s belongings along. There were stacks of toys and kids' clothes in the sheds, and other miscellaneous effects scattered about the un-mowed lawn. The discovery of an upper floor room that appeared to be charred though, led me to draw a dreadfully bleak conclusion..

(Snapped on 2/16/11 - using a Holga 120)

All right, that's it you guys...I'm all outta (halfway decent) film pics. for the next little while. My basket, or barrel(?)...whatever it is - it's empty...

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