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Sunday, March 27, 2011

All Over the Place

Although I'm still kind of on the fence as to whether snappin' pics. with one's iPhone, and sprucin' 'em up with a buncha Instagram filters - can be considered "real" photography or not...I don't dwell on it very much. Because the way I look at it - it certainly can't be a bad thing to be more observant and appreciative of all the little things in the world, that might otherwise go unnoticed or unappreciated - were it not for a handy camera phone...

(Snapped on 3/23/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

Now that my kids have been bitten by the Instagram bug as, I have - they are far more tolerant of my compulsion to spontaneously pull my car over to the side of the road, jump out and take a few snaps - usually of utterly mundane things. In fact sometimes, they even go along with me. They did not however, understand my fascination with this bouquet of balloons tied up out in front of a local hair salon...and they grumbled and complained, and told me I was weird - until I posted one of the pics. on Instagram. Their response to it was a unanimous "like".

(Snapped on 3/25/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

Nowadays I go places on purpose (places that normally wouldn't interest me at all) purely for the sake of taking pictures with my phone. Take for instance - the library. I myself, have never been much of a reader - but my children do sometimes need a particular book. The thought of checking a book out of the library though, doesn't cross my mind the way it did when the kids were way little and we would go there for story time, each week. These days, we just go to the bookstore if ever they need something. But over Spring Break, after my middle daughter finished a particularly good read, she was adamant that she get the next installment in the series. The public library immediately came to the fore, but only because I figured I could get better pics. there than at Borders or Books-A-Million. 

Long after my daughter learned that her book was already checked out, had taken all the pics. that she wanted to take, and was tapping her foot to indicate that she was ready to leave - I was still discovering all sorts of nifty things...like...that the library has curvy, golden radiators!

(Snapped on 3/25/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

My iPhone has in essence, become my excuse (or reason?) to find and capture the beauty in things... 

(Snapped on 3/25/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

...that previously I woulda taken completely for granted. 

(Snapped on 3/26/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

There's almost no such thing as a boring or menial task to me, anymore...Thanks to my iPhone, I find my fun - everywhere! And when I'm done taking pics., I can still eat up tons of time - editing all the new ones that I've put on my phone. 

(Snapped on 3/26/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

The mandatory square-cropping of photos on Instagram, has helped me reconcile my aversion to lopping the subjects in my pics.. Because sometimes a fraction is greater than a whole.

(Snapped on 3/26/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

I honestly never intended for Little Pretties to become such an Instagram-heavy photography site, swear! But because of the ease (and cost-effectiveness) with which my iPhone allows me to experiment with photography and be more prolific than ever, I hate to say it but - this might be a permanent trend...

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