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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Still High

I intended from the beginning, for Little Pretties to be a daily blog - partly because I take soooo many pictures, and even at the rate of writing about them every single day - I will still only barely scratch the surface. But I also hoped that the daunting goal of posting entries daily, might help me curb my tendency to be just a skosh verbose...

Since I was remiss, and did not post an entry yesterday, I decided to post two - today. So, this is sort of a continuum of my earlier post, the difference being that the images you see here - were all snapped on the same day (2/19/11) using my iPhone (and those wonderful Instagram effects), instead of my Holga.

And rather than muddy this thing up with a surfeit of text, I shall shut my trap now...since you've heard it all before... 

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