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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Aiming High

(Snapped in January, 2011 - using a Holga 120)

One of my biggest hang-up's in regards to my pics. - is the compulsion to fit every bit of certain things into frame when I'm setting up a shot, and deciding how I oughtta crop my pics. This applies most specifically to my digital panoramas and self-portraits. I feel like I've "failed" when any part of my body, and/or key objects don't make it all the way into the photo.

(Snapped in January, 2011 - using a Holga 120)

On the flip side of that, is my chagrin whenever unwanted things appear in my pics., or make it difficult to get a clean shot. In the photo above - it was the tree limbs that interfered with getting the desired results. More commonly though, the culprit is power lines. They can look cool...sometimes...like off in the distance, along the skyline or tracing the horizon. But when they cut clear across my subject no matter where I place myself - I throw my hands up in disgust, and walk away.

(Snapped in January, 2011 - using a Holga 120)

I'll probably never completely overcome them - but strolling around with my film cameras and my iPhone - has helped me tweak my mindset over both of these pet peeves. 

(Snapped in February, 2011 - using a Holga 120)

Nowadays, I lift my head and look up, more than I used to...and because of that - I've taken a shine to photographing the tops of buildings - especially against a backdrop of cobalt blue sky. 

(Snapped in January, 2011 - using a Holga 120)

In the "old days" I would've never dared snap a picture - of only a portion of a building, or anything else, for that matter. If I couldn't make the whole thing fit? I'd just skip it. But power lines, and parked cars and tree limbs and what have you - coupled with the limited at-close-range scope of my toy cameras - have helped me to adapt...and I've learned that it's okay to abbreviate my subjects. 

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