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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Staying Alert

(Snapped on 2/15/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

Yesterday, I went snowboarding with my kids at a nearby ski resort. It was the last day of the Winter Tuesday ski/snowboard program that their school organizes every year, and I went feeling fairly confident that - because of the superb setting and weather, and since it would be my last chance to capture that stellar scenery until next year - certainly I'd come home with a pile of new pics. featuring the vast expanse of mountain range, powder blue sky, brush stroke clouds and snow-covered trails.

That did not turn out to be the case, sad to say...I took one (so-so) picture looking backwards down the mountain while riding up on the chair lift, and a few snapshots of the kids and some of their friends...and that was pretty much it. 

I was super bummed that I was coming home virtually empty-handed, and all alone - seeing as how I'd just dropped my kids off to be with their dad for the night. But after saying, "I love you guys. See ya' tomorrow" and then pulling my car out of the parking lot to head home - something around the corner caught my eye. I parked illegally (knowing I'd only need to be there for a minute or two) and hurried over to take some quick pics. of a child's ball which had rolled from god knows where, and come to rest on a drain in the alleyway.

What I liked about the photo, wasn't so much the image itself...but rather, the fact that I hadn't anticipated taking it. Made me wonder how many times I've missed things like this...and if (let's just say) I had reached my projected quota that day, would I have been in such a hurry to get home to review my new pics., that I possibly could've missed this shot, too?

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