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Thursday, June 25, 2015

365 Project (Take 3) - 203/365

(Snapped on 6/25/15, in North Hill Village, Anguilla, BWI - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

(Today ya' get a two-fer!)

Walkin' the track today, from my hood, down to the beach at Katouche Bay...

…here's where I ended up. Not even so much as a single fresh footstep (other than my own) on this gorgeous stretch of sand…

I love Anguilla for more reasons than I care to bore you with right now, but I will mention this one - I can walk from my house down to this spot in about 15 minutes, literally any day of the year…and when I get there, I can swim, snorkel, sunbathe, veg…and never be cold, (nor too hot) and rarely ever be disturbed by another individual, and all the while I'm surrounded by such exemplary beauty in nature…which is crazy to me. I seriously doubt that many other people in this world are nearly this lucky…but believe me when I tell you, that I am extremely appreciative, each and every day - of just how lucky I know that I am…

#hellsyeah #lovemylife #lovemyisland

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