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Saturday, June 6, 2015

365 Project (Take 3) - 179/365

 (Snapped on 6/01/15, using a Go-Pro and Instagram filters)

 This was to be my very first Anguilla Day "Around the Island" Race - and I cannot even tell you how silly with excitement I was bout it! Sadly though, Satellite's run was ridiculously abbreviated - due to a series of unfortunate events (caused primarily by UFO, and NOT NWO - despite the way that things may appear in this picture)…I was crushed that it ended the way that it did - like heartbroken (AGAIN!), especially since Satellite was sporting a borrowed jib (our own jib is dead, and the new one that was ordered and paid for in February, still has not yet arrived - go figure) - and she was truly moving through the sea better than she has, in any of the prior races this season. She would've done well that day, I honestly believe that to be so…but thanks to foul play, poor sportsmanship - whatever you want to call it - she was taken out early by a bully.

The guys have already started to put her back together again though, and they seem confident that she'll be back in the water, and all set to race again in July…and once Satallite finally makes her (next) grand debut - y'all other boats better watch out! Cuz this time my girl ain't gon' be playin'...

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