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Thursday, June 25, 2015

365 Project (Take 3) - 201/365

(Snapped on 6/23/15, in North Hill Village, Anguilla, BWI - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

After running errands early on Tuesday morning, I came back to my little shack, and tasked away until after dark. I don't know why the sudden desire to be so uncharacteristically domestic came over me, but I'm not askin' any questions! Cuz I thoroughly enjoyed being so damned productive - first working in my raised garden beds, and then moving furniture and artwork around, while intermittently doing load after load of laundry. I also made some nice prints of a few of my Anguilla photos - and then framed and hung them, and finally - I dusted off my sewing machine so that I could make beverage coasters, and some cute new throw pillows for my bed and my sofa. By the time my friend arrived later in the night, I must admit - the shack looked the best that it ever has, and I was so excited to be able to enjoy it with someone besides just myself :)

Needless to say though, I barely even thought about taking any pictures that day…so this ^ (I'm afraid) is all that you get…I just wish that I would've realized when I snapped it, that the sewing project in progress on the kitchen floor in the background, was visible in this pic….ah well.   

#winslowmccaggpainting #ilovemylife #iheartyouanguilla #marthastewartforaday

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