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Saturday, December 8, 2012


(Snapped on 9/11/12 - using a Minolta XG-1)

The first time I photographed this bitchin', old Chevy - it was cantilevered out over the Opequon Creek, clinging to the bank as it had done for several decades...

(All remaining pics. snapped on 12/05/12 - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

But when Hurricane Sandy rolled through this area on October 29th - she freed the old wreck from its precarious perch, turning it completely around so that it faced the opposite direction, and sat upright down in the creek. 

Knowing how much I'd enjoyed taking pics. of the old car the first time he so graciously allowed me to do so - my friend who owns the land on which the car still partially rests, invited me to come back to take more...

The weather was uncannily warm that early December day (70 degrees) which (not surprisingly) made being reunited once again with the beautiful disaster, that much sweeter...

Thank You so much for your generosity, S.!

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