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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

'Burg Vs. 'Burg

(First group of pics. snapped on 11/05/12 - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

I've been scratchin' an itch to photograph places other than those that are within close proximity to my own town, lately.

The first set of pics. in this post, were taken in Harrisonburg, Va. - which is about an hour and fifteen minutes south of where I live. I've been there before, several times in my life - but it wasn't until I visited with the sole purpose in mind of documenting the old college town with my cameras - that I felt any sort of appreciation for Harrisonburg. I definitely found plenty of neat stuff to snap there...and by the time I left, I had only just scratched the surface...

(Last group of pics. snapped on 12/05/12 - using an iPhone with Instagram filters, and a Sony Cybershot set on panorama mode)

It was a slightly different story though, when I drove the forty minutes or so - up north to Martinsburg, WV, for the first time in 20 years (I'm pretty sure it's been that long, at least). Martinsburg struck much more of an emotional chord within me, than Harrisonburg did. It just felt sadder(?) there...or something. And anyone who knows me well, knows this about me: Although in general I do tend to be a very happy person, for whatever reason I am drawn to things like - music that's played in a minor key, art that makes my stomach hurt, and movies with dreadfully sad endings...which may help to explain why I was so taken with Martinsburg, and the uneasiness that cloaked me as I strolled around taking pics. there for hours...

Since then, I've gone back to Martinsburg again once - specifically to take self-portraits (one of which can be seen here on The Big Ugly). But I'm jonesin' something' fierce, to delve even deeper into the city...and to feel the strange way that it made me feel - all over again... 

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