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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Charred Remains

Haven't been here for awhile, so it definitely feels like I've got a lot of catchin' up to do...

Right so first off, my computer is now officially (sort of) fixed. I mean, it ain't running perfectly by any stretch of the imagination - but it will at least let me download pics., once again...that's the good news. The bad news is - that Instagram was recently purchased by Facebook, and for those of you who may not already know this about me - I absolutely detest Facebook...like with a passion. On the flip-side though, I positively adore Instagram (in case you hadn't happened to notice) so...'twas quite the conundrum trying to decide whether to delete my Instagram account in order to keep my beloved square snaps out of the evil, thievin' clutches of FB...or to blindly stick with the status quo, and hope to god that everything stayed the same.

After mulling things over for a day or maybe two, I began deleting the 3200+ pictures that I'd posted on Instagram over the course of the last 14 months or so...I did keep my account active however, that way I'd be able to continue to edit my phone snaps with the bitchin' Instagram filters, knowing that I could always (and hopefully would) still post 'em here on Little Pretties (perhaps with even more regularity than I've been able to manage in the past)...And who knows, maybe my old friends from Instagram will stop by for occasional visits - once I get myself into a steady groove.

...Oh, and speaking of that - probably the worst part about all of this is how much I miss the camaraderie of the likeminded, photography enthusiast friends that I'd made over recent months - on Instagram...Thank You Facebook for ruining one of my most favorite hobbies/pastimes/whatever you wanna call it. You guys take the fun out of everything...

Moving on...

(All pics. snapped on 3/29/12 - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

So, now that I've gotten all of that outta the way - let's get back to what we're supposed to do on Little Pretties: look at, and talk about new pics..

The snaps in this entry were taken in Shepherdstown, WVa., in a house that had been damaged by a fire. There was an uber-creepy, super sad pall hanging over me - the whole entire time I was there...

...and although it might sound weird or sick for me to admit this - that's exactly why I liked being there so much…


  1. we miss you at IG!! I read that if your account is set to private then they are not able to access your images. -squab

  2. @j.merrill - I miss you guys TOOOOO! But unfortunately, I'm a hardheaded and stubborn s.o.b....and nothing can change my mind about my decision to fly the Instagram coop. Thank you so much for coming here, though! I hope you'll stop by again :)