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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random #9

(Snapped on 3/29/12 - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)


  1. very very nice :)

    also... how did you get www.littleprettypix.com and not littleprettypix.blogspot.com ?

  2. @Zombling - YAY! You came here, THANK You!!! Once I get my computer glitch straightened out, I'm planning on posting here daily, almost the same way I did on IG...so please don't give up on me?

    Oh, and I bought the webdomain from BlueHost...

    Hope you'll stop back by!

  3. Thank goodness your talent can still be appreciated here!! My little heart cracked when. I saw your photos dissappear from IG, don't blame you one bit though!! You were my favorite feed on IG, keep up the amazing work!✌