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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hole in the Wall

(All pics. snapped on 4/01/12 - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

Yesterday's random photo selection was chosen...well...randomly, *duh* (as pretty much all of 'em are) but when I came across it, as I was scrolling through iPhoto looking for something to post - I was reminded for the first time since I deleted my pics. off of Instagram a few weeks ago, of the cool, old house in which that picture and these were snapped.

I must've driven past this place half a dozen times over the last couple of months, on my recent trips to and from Shepherdstown, WVa. - but since the lot on which it sits has been left to become so terribly overgrown, I never noticed the house until it was almost as if I was kind of looking for it...if that makes any sense.

As soon as I entered through the open front door, it was one of those deals where I find myself feeling utterly perplexed by the apparent sudden departure of the house's inhabitants...so many of their possessions left behind to rot away, right along with the house. 

Just like the other times that I've slunk around in abandoned houses that are brimming with personal effects like this one was - one question went through my mind repeatedly, "Why?"

Upon stepping into the last of the four total rooms, in the single story dwelling - part of my question was answered...I guess...

...one of the exterior walls had completely collapsed, leaving an enormous, gaping hole in the side of the aged structure.

Now, whether that happened before or after the people vacated the home, there's really no way of knowing for sure...

...but even if that actually is the reason that the folks who used to live there moved out...

...it still doesn't explain why they left without taking the bulk of their belongings with them when they split.

'Tis truly a mystery, each and every time...mysteries that I suspect - I shall never wind up solving…

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