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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Seeking a Silo

The lengthy list of everyday, ordinary, humdrum things in this world - to which I am inexplicably attracted - would not be complete without the inclusion of silos.

(Snapped on 10/02/10 - using a Sony Cybershot)

Those of my dear readers out there, who have followed my blogging escapades since waaay back when I wrote candidly about my two years as a ferocious online dater - might feel the uncontrollable urge right about now, to chime in with some wisecrack about phallic symbols.........(well I never!)

(Snapped on 10/20/10 - using a Sony Cybershot)

...but I'd prefer to believe that it's entirely the result of accidentally discovering the panorama feature on my Cybershot...after which I found myself on a perpetual hunt for long and tall subjects to shoot (not to date). Obviously silos, which stand so statuesque and erect (*ehem*) fit tidily into the "tall" category. But it's not uncommon for the pastoral landscapes atop which they sit - to be well-suited for "long" pictures, while I'm at it.

(Snapped on 10/30/10 - using a Sony Cybershot)

Although I'm partial to traditional farm silos, I don't discount the more industrial clusters of stubbier corn cribs and grain bins - like this...

(Snapped on 3/07/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

...and this

And unlike some subjects in the frame, even the humblest of silos don't need to try and hog all the attention (buh dum bum)...their contribution to each shot is consistently of equal or greater value than that of their competition.

(Snapped on 3/22/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

For example, I spent just as much time taking snaps of this lovely corrugated, metal structure - as I did snapping pics. of the pig.

(Snapped on 2/10/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

I feel fortunate in that - my immediate geographic surroundings, facilitate feeding my fascination not only with silos - but with farms as a whole, in general (just one more reason to be glad I left the city).

(Snapped on 2/14/11 - using a Sony Cybershot)

Sometimes a silo doesn't flaunt its true beauty. There was little about the facade of this forgotten storehouse, that impressed me upon first sight.

(Snapped on 3/06/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

It wasn't until a few days later, while taking cover in order to give my cameras a break from the rain, that I climbed inside...

(Snapped on 3/06/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

...and looked up...

(Snapped on 3/16/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

This silo however, is stunning...

(Snapped on 3/16/11 - using an iPhone and iPhoto for editing)

...both inside...

(Snapped on 9/25/10 - using a Sony Cybershot)

...and out. 

I've been to this farm many times now, and featured its silo in all sorts of pics. - including self-portraits which I wrote about in this older Big Ugly entry.

(Snapped on 3/12/11 - using a Holga 120)

I have my cameras (and the bond that I've forged with them) entirely to thank for my effortless transformation from online dating junkie - to photography devotee...not to mention loads of pictures of things that I love...and which I shall keep with me forever (unlike all of those online dating guys)

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