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Saturday, May 30, 2015

365 Project (Take 3) - 170/365

(Snapped on 5/23/15, at Mercersburg Academy, in Mercersburg, Pa., USA - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

Last weekend, my 17 year old daughter graduated from Mercersburg Academy, a co-ed preparatory boarding school located in Mercersburg, Pa.. She was the senior class orator, and during the graduation exercises, she delivered a well thought out piece that she'd written all about time…and its passing…and all that she'd learned about how to manage, and appreciate it. Even if I wasn't her mother, I would've been just as impressed with her presentation as I was. She also received the highest award that the dance department issues, was Cum Laude, and voted by her peers as the best "all-around" student of the 2015 graduating class. And all of that was merely icing on the cake after she was granted early acceptance into Princeton University this winter (did I mention that she's a 17 year old senior?)

I can't even find the proper words to express just how proud I am of my little girl…it baffles me to think that she is my child, as I haven't an illustrious academic career to speak of (I dropped out of high school in the 10th grade), and beyond that, I have not been what one might consider "successful" in any other facet of my life…except for having given birth to, and reared the four best children that I've ever met or known. And I'm not just saying that because as their mother I feel obligated to, I actually, honestly believe it to be so.

Congratulations, sweet widdle Winnian - you truly do have the whole great big wide world at your dainty little feet!

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