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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Crazy Pig Lady

(All pics. snapped on 7/15/12 - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

I am not a "cat" person, never have been, never will be...but there have been times lately, when - given my perennial inability to maintain any semblance of a healthy, steady relationship with a man - I've jokingly predicted that if things don't improve, I might close myself off to the rest of the world, and morph into some sort of crazy, cat lady equivalent......minus the cats, of course.

The scary part is, I may be self-fulfilling the prophecy after all - and far sooner than I ever could've imagined...

Ever since agreeing to help two dear friends, by nursing their runt baby pig back to health - little Delores and I have been practically inseparable, over the 7 days that she's been in my care...and although I've wrapped her up in a towel, and taken her with me - anywhere that I've needed to go during that time - we've only left the house when it was absolutely necessary, which ain't a whole lot...so ya' see? I may indeed be turning into a psycho, pig lady shut-in....

The trickiest thing about having a newborn (outside of getting no more than one hour of sleep at a time, every night) has been forfeiting the use of my left arm, in order to hold baby Delores as much as possible. Which is fine! I mean, I really do love keeping her so close to me...the only bummer is that it's been impossible to take pictures with my phone, since I've essentially had the use of only one hand.

After nearly a week, with nary a new phone snap to show for all that time - I kinda couldn't take it anymore...and so...using a large cotton scarf - I fashioned an over-the-shoulder sling thingy, so that I could carry baby Delores - hands-free.

This past Sunday, I packed Delores' formula bottle in a cooler of ice, and the two of us left the house, and stayed gone for many hours - taking the pictures seen here in this post...it was awesome...

We definitely got a few funny looks from folks who presumably couldn't figure out why someone would walk around with a pig in a pouch...and that's fine, who can blame 'em...I guess I really am the crazy pig lady now, and that's honestly ok by me.

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