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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

365 Project (Take 3) - 130/365

(Snapped on 4/13/15, in my bedroom in my leettle, tiny shack, North Hill Village, Anguilla, BWI - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

I was a teensy bit burnt out on photography in general, on Monday - having snapped 350+ pics. the day before…and even more burned out after my computer decided to take 8 hours "repairing" my entire iPhoto library, and after that - beginning the daunting task of uploading, sorting through, and barely scratching the surface editing the decent ones (I was busy yesterday, and taught at WISE School all day today, so I only finally got through the whole lot, a little while ago - woo!) Sadly though, this was literally the only picture that I took the whole day…I was (sort of halfway) watching "Countryman", while trying to make a dent in the enormous heap of new photos, when I realized that I hadn't gotten any daily pictures yet. 

My sincerest apologies for posting such a disappointing snap…but at least I didn't drop the 365 Project ball again!!!

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