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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snapshots of Anguilla: Critters & Creatures - l

This photo made the cover of the The Grapevine (a local paper here on Anguilla)

Snoozin' in the sand by Johnno's on Sandy Ground 

Blue Tangs at Upper Shoal Bay East

Hermit Crab (duh)

Saw this little guy in the Digicel parking lot, the day I went there to get my island phone…gave me a chuckle :)

Eagle Ray in the sea right out in front of Elvis' Beach Bar

DaVida's…on a Sunday when Omari Banks was playing there

Assorted tropical fish at Meads Bay 

Up near Corner Bar Pizza in North Hill (now the hood that I feel extremely fortunate to be able to call, "home")

Goats on the lawn at The Anguilla Great House (where I always stayed before I moved into my North Hill shack)

A little Anole (I think?) on one of the trees that grows up through the deck at the former Bonjour Cafe (formerly before that, Roadwell Cafe) 

The friendly kind of sea urchin…they stick to your hands when you hold them in your palm... 

Junior showing me a conch fresh outta the shell, for the first time ever…had no idea that that's what they looked like…ew.

Big jelly fish in Road Bay

I am typically not a cat person…but little Spooky down at Elvis' Beach Bar has helped me to change my negative opinion about felines…a little bit, at least

The tiniest salamander (?) I'd ever seen before! I see them quite frequently now, in my (newly renovated) house (the kitchen looks a million times better than this!) 

Checkin' me out while I was walking towards The Valley from Crocus Hill

A couple of island dog couples who I woke up to discover had stayed the night on the lounge chairs on the porch of my room at The Great House, funny curs!

Wicked Lionfish 

My friends' kitten, and his boat too!

Baby Blue Tang, Meads Bay

Shy beach kitty at Shoal Bay East

(All pics. snapped between 11/21/13 and 7/18/14, Anguilla, BWI - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

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