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Friday, November 8, 2013

Come Fly With Me

(All pics. snapped on 10/20/13 - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

It's been so long since I posted anything here on Little Pretties…I feel positively awful about it! But it's definitely not for a lack of images to share, goodness knows...

In the last several months, I've amassed literally thousands of new Instagrm pics., and hundreds of 35mm and medium format film photographs, in both color and B&W.

 Oddly enough though, having so many images stacked up in the queue - is a big part of why I haven't posted anything in ages.

Each time I think that I'm finally ready to create a new entry, I become completely overwhelmed by indecision when I get to the part where I havta choose which pictures to publish…

The conclusion I've come to however, is that it would be far more advantageous to the wellbeing of my beloved Little Pretties, if I were to share something, anything, even one measly picture a day...

…than it is to continue letting entire months go by...

…without making so much as a peep on here. 

So, it's decided then - I'm back!

I hope that you guys will come along with me and my Little Pretties, as we prepare to take flight! (Yet again)... 

The pictures seen here, were snapped after having just landed at Washington Dulles Airport, on my return trip home from Atlanta, Ga., recently.

(And in my honest opinion? Dulles is absolutely go'juss!)

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