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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let's POTTY!

I had the most divine good fortune recently, to be granted permission to shoot at The Stehli Silk Mill in Lancaster, Pa.! (THANK You, to the nice man who let me!)

I snapped sooooooooo many pictures with my iPhone, that it took the better part of a week to get them all edited with my favorite Instagram filters...sheesh!

And because I ended up with roughly 500 images that I actually sorta like, it is very unlikely that I'll ever get even a fraction of the whole lot posted here on Little Pretties.

So, I decided to narrow it down a bit for this entry...

by sticking with the specific theme of...

..."toilets and urinals"...

...because a.) there were plenty of 'em in the silk mill buildings to snap...

...and b.) I just published a self-portrait featuring the Stehli Silk Mill toilets on The Big Ugly (NSFW)...and it only seemed fitting that I post a companion entry on here :)

Potty ON!

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