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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Technical Difficulties

 My computer has been seriously on the fritz, these last few weeks...and I still haven't gotten everything completely straightened out, yet. But thanks to the kind folks at Apple and Best Buy - help has been, and will continue to be on the way...(god willing)

I guess the best part about not being able to do squat on my computer is - that I've gone out most every day, and taken heaps of snaps with my phone! The only problem with that is...I have so many, many, new pics. piling up - that I literally have no clue where to begin writing about any of 'em...

Here, how 'bout this...why don't I start by posting this modest, little collection...sort of an apple crate/graffiti, photo medley.

 (All pics. snapped on 2/25/12 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)


 I swear I must've driven past this apple packing plant, a thousand times since I moved to this area. But for whatever reason, it never registered as being visually appealing until last Saturday...as I was driving past it, for the possibly 1001st time. 

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