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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunday Night Drive-In

(All pics. snapped on 8/01/11 - using an iPhone and Instagram filters)

I absolutely LOVE going to the local drive-in movie theater. If you ask me, it kicks the pants off of a regular movie theater - any day...matter of fact, I can't even tell you the last time I watched a feature film indoors. It literally does not appeal to me at all.

I've been lucky enough to spend the last two Sunday nights at The Family Drive-In in Stephens City, Va. - with a few of my most favorite peeps...big and small.

I find that it's always best to arrive just a teensy bit before sundown, that way you can park your car in the spot of your choice - plus! It allows for enough time to mess around just a little bit, on the antiquated playground before the first picture starts.

If you don't feel like using the complimentary speakers, no problem. You can always tune in to the corresponding frequencies that are available on your car's FM radio. How cool is that?!

Seems like every time I make my way to the snack bar, I accidentally (on purpose) walk into the room with the big projectors instead...

The snack bar is the best though - all vintage with sparkly stainless steel...and just like everything at the drive-in - it's like a time capsule from a whole 'nother era.

Even the flippin' bathrooms are kitschy cool.

Eventually, the sun sets and it's time to watch the first of the night's two feature films - on one, or the other outdoor screens. Folks sit in the backs of their trucks or their cars, or settle into folding chairs in the gravel or on the lawn. Kids camp out in their jammies on blankets with pillows under their heads, and it's a miracle if they stay awake all the way through both films.

Four hours or so later, most everyone is drowsy or already sleeping...which is cool, because it's time to pack up and head home. But they'll be back! Because around here, it's the best deal goin' for $7.50 a grown-up...and once Summer is over, so too is all the fun at the drive-in...


  1. These are gorgeous. I love how you captured the light.

  2. @Nathan - THANK You! But I should probably give all the credit for how the pics. turned out - to the fact that it was an unusually gorgeous evening...

  3. Nice try, but the evening didn't choose the subjects or the composition. :P

  4. @Nathan - Haha! Ok, point taken :)