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Friday, July 22, 2011

Waitin' at the Station

(All pics. snapped on 6/11/11 - using an iPhone and an Instagram filter)

Just a few days after my oldest daughter packed up her things, and came home from boarding school for the Summer - I drove her back to the town where she attends school - so that she could catch a train up to Philly to see a friend.

Upon arrival at the station, we were given the news that her train was running over an hour behind schedule...bummer.

My daughter settled into one of the bench seats in the waiting area, and entertained herself by playing games on her iPhone...

...I, on the other hand - don't play games, and have a very hard time sitting still...so after only a minute or two spent zoning out in my own seat - I hopped up, and with my iPhone at the ready - set about searching for cool things around the station to snap.

(I guess it goes without saying, that pay phones are obsolete, eh?)

I often wonder what strangers are thinking when they see me taking pictures of random, everyday objects...hmmmm...

I do know that my daughter thinks I'm cuckoo for doin' it...

...I can tell by the way that she rolls her eyes, when I take a picture like this - and giddily shove my phone in her face so she can see it.

Anyway, after toolin' around inside of the station for awhile - I decided to go and see what I could find outside...

...and I was delighted to discover a wide array of subject matter to shoot. 

Before I knew it though, it was time for me to hug my precious first born, tell her that I love her and how much I would miss her while she was gone...and then send her on her way. 

Thanks to my iPhone and all those new pics. though, I wasn't going home feeling too sad and blue...nor was I completely alone.

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